Letter: Dear World, Get well soon

In February of 1969, the Broadway musical Dear World opened at the Mark Hellinger Theatre starring Angela Lansbury. The musical was not a critical success, however, it contained a very memorable and now timely title song written by Jerry Herman.

The song laments about the condition of the world. The lyrics say, in part, “Someone has poisoned you dear world, and those who love you defiantly insist that you get off that critical list. Make your recovery quick world. We’re sick of having a sick world. We want you dancing tomorrow afternoon. So be a dear world and get well soon.”

Unfortunately, we can’t just wish this horrible worldwide COVID 19 emergency away. Only our extreme positive thinking, and above all, our positive actions will fight this crisis and help us return to normalcy. Pay attention to what trusted and credible experts advise us to do and don’t ever give up!

Richard Nichols, Lima


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