Letter: Available jobs: Where?

I was offered a job working for the census making $16.50 an hour plus mileage. I was suppose to be finger-printed and have a background check. It was canceled because of this virus.

I filled out hiring forms for a full-time job as a merchandiser I was supposed to start Sunday, March 22. That was suspended because of this virus.

There are 187,000 unemployment claims. Is everybody going to get their money? I cannot get help because I am an individual. I do not have minor children to support . Everybody is suppose to get $1,200 from the government. When?

People say this virus is scary . Sorry it is more scary when I cannot support myself because all the jobs I apply to either get suspended or canceled until further notice because of this virus and I have no way of supporting myself !

Shelly Horetski, Wapakoneta


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