Letter: Spreading fear causes fear

I am responding to the article, “Got Toilet Paper-You got power.”

After reading the letter, “Got toilet paper, You got power,” I guess we probably should rethink rationing.

We are at war with a virus you cannot see and don’t know where it will land next. Everyone needs the same necessities to survive. So I guess we will always have a small percentage of people trying to take advantage for their personal gain in this part of society today.Very sad fact.

With that being said, let us examine what happened to clear out the grocery supplies, masks, cleaning disinfectants, toilet paper and everything else that came up short. After watching the evening news on all the national network channels these past couple of weeks, it becomes very clear to me what happened and should be just as clear to all the citizens of this country: When all you spread is fear and panic, this is what it turns into.

They do a couple of minutes at the end of the broadcast to share a few bright notes. Listen to your local news stations, check in with your states Department of Health. Remember the medical correspondent for the network is being asked by the reporter for his opinion.This may not be based on the current facts up to date or the mandate of the coronavirus task force team or the CDC.

The outpouring of love and compassion by all Americans is glowing brightly during these uncertain times.So let’s not let it dim out. Fear and panic will dim this light. Faith, hope and compassion for all will allow it to keep getting brighter and brighter and guide are way forward.

Dennis A Moran, Waynesfield


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