Letter: Why we were not on ‘the list’

A list of area funeral homes who stated they would not be doing public viewings or funerals was included in a letter Thursday in the “Your View” column of The Lima News. Our funeral home, Chamberlain-Huckeriede, was notably missing from that list. There is a good reason for that. I refused to sign it.

I want to set the record straight.

The reason that I refused to sign it is because it is not true and based on misinterpretation and deception. In the letter, Mr. Neeper states that the governor’s “requirements” are that no public visitations or funerals be held at this time — only private services with a small number of family members in attendance. It is not a “requirement,” but a “recommendation.” This is not just a misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Mr. Neeper and the other funeral home directors were made well aware that this was not the governor’s correct words. But, this is more how they want to run their businesses during this time. That’s fine. But they have agreed to join together and use the governor’s directive with their own wording and for their own agenda. This is wrong and that is why I refused to sign it.

Therefore, I want the record to show that we are open. While we do not encourage the public to have a public funeral without serious consideration, we will not forbid them to either. At Chamberlain-Huckeriede Funeral Home, we will continue to serve this area with the sensitivity, compassion and respect that we always have and that they deserve while still following all precautions and directives.

Dave Huckeriede


Chamberlain-Huckeriede Funeral Home


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