Letter: Ooops! I should have kept mouth shut

How did you like going into the grocery store and finding the toilet paper aisle empty?

In “socialist” countries it’s like that every day. It might be toilet paper this time around, but the next month it might be ketchup, laundry detergent or rye bread. It’ll be anything the government bureaucrats decide you don’t really need or that they forget to tell the factories to manufacture or the markets to stock.

You name it and chances are you won’t be able to get it on a regular basis in any workers’ paradise like Cuba, Russia, China, or Venezuela.

Oh, yes, but your children will be taught to read. After all they need to know how to read so they can continuously be reminded how wonderful it is living in a dictatorship.

Free college? Sure, but forget it unless you are able to convince your benevolent leaders that you intend to become an even more obedient parrot.

And healthcare is free, especially if you are an obedient (there’s that word again) pawn, and if you are able to wait in line long enough.

But worry not. We have one a presidential candidate who pledges to lead us into such a workers’ utopia.

But what about me? I’m old, tired, and retired. What will I be able to contribute to such a brave new world? Maybe I can share some memories of how it once was living in a filthy, selfish, capitalist USA. Ooops! I shouldn’t have said that. “If there’s one thing we don’t need around here, it’s rabble rousers. Slip a little something extra into his aspirin bottle. And fire up the crematorium.”


Daryl Little, Lima


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