Letter: Today’s GOP is party of JFK

We Republicans want to offer to you moderate Democrats an electoral home. There is no Democrat party of old,tThe party your parents voted for. I submit that the Republican party of Donald Trump is closer to the party of John F. Kennedy than you think.

In those years the Democrats loved America, capitalism, and God. Can you say that now?

Republicans have always wanted all people to succeed whether black, yellow, brown, red, or white. Donald Trump’s economy has improved the lives of most Americans. We know that blacks, Hispanics, and others on the lower rung of the ladder are all doing better under Donald Trump.

What do you think that a United States with any of the current Democrats as president would be like? Would the economy still be humming along? Would you or all of your family or friends still have jobs? Have they talked about jobs? No. They have only talked about regulations, reducing energy production, and giving out “free” stuff. What do you think this would do the the economy?

How about your freedoms? Have you watched the main stream media recently. The way they slant the news? Now they are blaming this virus on Donald Trump. The United States by far has the best handle on this.

Have you calculated how much your taxes would be if other people’s college loans were paid off by the taxpayers? Were you responsible enough to pay off your loans? Why should your taxes pay off other people’s loans. How about free college for everyone?

Now is the time to really listen to what they are saying. Are their ideas practical?

Phillip C Sellati, Lima


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