Letter; Remember the name Mike Larsen

Jim Jordan needs to be replaced in Congress. Because of the severe gerrymandering of Ohio’s 4th district, that an overwhelmingly difficult task; in order to succeed at dethroning Jordan, we will need an excellent candidate.

Mike Larsen is the Democratic candidate who can beat Jim Jordan. Mike is compassionate and well-informed, thoughtful and energetic. He has been a businessman, a union member, and a senior advisor to a Congresswoman. He’s collaborated professionally with people in both the entertainment and the political arena.

While in college getting a political science degree, Larsen interned with Harvey Milk and with Congressman Tom Lantos, a holocaust survivor. Since then, he has worked with an impressive list of Democrats as well as being Communications Director for Congresswoman Jackie Speier. With his background, Mike can start being effective on his first day in Congress.

He has helped victims of military sexual assault get their stories told, and he is a mentor to incarcerated writers as well as working for justice reform and educational opportunities for prisoners. He believes that “there is no neutral in life. We either do good or evil; make the world better or worse; lift people up or tear them down.” He has chosen to do good, to make the world better, and to lift people up. As the Democratic congressman for Ohio’s 4th district, he will continue to do that.

To learn more about Mike, go to ohiomike2020.com. I’m impressed by him, and I’m encouraging everyone who has ever been embarrassed that Jim Jordan represents the Ohio 4th district to vote for Mike Larsen. He will make us proud.

Jeannine Jordan, Lima


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