Letter: Does Jim Jordan have his eyes open?

Anyone who would suggest that the Democrats or others on the left are primarily responsible for the current divisiveness in the U.S. apparently hasn’t been paying any attention to our president’s constant stream of Twitter Taunts or his clearly divisive rally rants, both of which are obviously designed to sow anger towards anyone who would disagree with him.

Not being able to work constructively with those who disagree with you is the most divisive trait and clearly one strongly manifest by Mr. Trump. He can’t even cope with disagreement among his own staff as demonstrated by his constant firing of those who might offer other views than those he espouses.

Further, it should be noted that the actions of Colin Kaepernick and others during the National Anthem are protests against the continued racial inequities, etc. that exist in this country, and not left wing actions. To suggest that these exercises of First Ammendment rights are designed to be divisive, etc. is simply a way of dismissing and ignoring what the protests are about and dismissing the pain and suffering propagated by ongoing racism.

To do so is even more disgraceful than any disrespect of our flag could ever be.

Glennard S. Ruedisueli, MD, Lima


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