Letter: Great tribute; but if only we had known

I am responding to an article, ” Together in Gratitude” that was in The Lima News on Feb. 23 about a Vietnam veteran whose remains were buried in the Dayton National Cemetery.

Jim Cummins passed away March 10, 2019, in Lima. Even though it was a great tribute, there was one very big mistake. It said he had no family or friends that could be located. I know the story came from the Dayton news and the case worker did not know him, but Jim did have many friends. He was homeless by choice, and he and his dog, Jack, were well known and loved by everyone who knew them. Maybe you saw Jim on the east side of Lima riding his bike and pulling Jack in a little cart. He was never one of those you saw begging. He would give you whatever he had. He didn’t want to go to a

shelter because he couldn’t take his dog.

He took pride in his tent, which was provided by Family Promise. He had a great set up in his friend’s back yard where he could be safe. When Jim passed away, it broke our hearts and our hearts were broken again when it was written he had no friends, and we were not notified of the service in Dayton.

He had many friends including my brother, who passed away three days after Jim.

His best friend tho was his dog Jack. When Jim found out he was dying he asked us to take Jack and give him a good home, which we gladly did. We would have loved to take him to the ceremony in Dayton if we would have known.

Jim will never be forgotten by his friends.

Earl and Carmelita Johnson, Lima

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