School grade card: ‘F’ for EdChoice

I thought it only fitting that I write this letter on President’s Day. I am very upset with Ed Choice and the local representatives, state legislature and once again, the governor for supporting it.

Kasich tried to reward privately run and owned Charter Schools and create loopholes to give them state tax dollars. Audits revealed there was missing or embezzled money, falsified records and attendance. Charter Schools don’t have to meet the same standards as public schools. Public schools admit and serve all students. Private schools can pick and choose.

Gov. DeWine and the Republican led state legislature are once again trying to steal local (school) tax dollars! My wife and I, like all of you, pay our school taxes to benefit our local school district. Ohio’s Constitution is clear and there have been court rulings saying Ohioans are obligated to provide an “equitable PUBLIC EDUCATION.”

Privately run schools, charter schools and religious schools are fine but not on the taxpayer dime! I’m not against school choice, but not with my tax dollars.

Conservatives say they believe in less government. Well maybe, The only thing I see them conserving is the same failed school funding approach that was going to be fixed going all the way back to the Taft administration.

If the State of Ohio is going to take our tax dollars for private schools doesn’t that mean they should fall under the same set of guide lines and testing as the current public school system we have in place.

Call your local State Representative and voice your concerns.

Respectfully, A product of a Public School.

Bill Allen, Forest

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