Letter: Ada doesn’t want to be known as a stinking town

Ada is a nice rural town, a rare gem. We depends on ours council members to research, ask questions and to seek the truth to insure the utmost for our community.

It’s important to place good companies in the industrial park. Interested companies always put their best foot forward… it’s the foot at the rear that you as a whole are responsible to investigate.

The Cannabis/Hemp industry is well aware of its odor problem. Whether it is Hemp or Cannabis, the flower itself stinks. The indoor facility proposed at the Jan. 21 meeting is a perpetual flower cultivating business, which means year-round odor issues. The issue of the planted half acre hemp, if produces well, is a lottery ticket for the company, meaning the rest of the acreage will be planted. Human tendency is to buy another lottery ticket. Outdoor hemp cultivation, the flowering time period approximately begins at the end of July, August and perhaps a bit into September. From July to September outdoor plants of Hemp is a very stinky business.

It’s true we on the east side will be most impacted, but so will those living on the Northwest .., Liberty, Simon, Johnson, Montford, as well as Lincoln Avenue, the Ada Park.

As The Lima News article titled ” Hemp, whiskey and bourbon: Ada grads plan distillery, hemp garden on state route 81.” A flowering hemp garden isn’t something one would sit, and dine around. Anymore than you would let Fido the skunk laden pup sit by the picnic table.

We have a unique that has a lot of wonderful good people, a great school for the children, people who genuinely care, a special community. Please protect it.

Kelli Roberson, Ada


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