Letter: Sherrod Brown’s take on China deal

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is blasting the White House’s trade deal with China, calling it “much ado about nothing.” While U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) calls the deal a “good first step.”

The first to speak out, according to WAPO, was Sen. Sherrod Brown and the US Chanber of Commerce.

Brown has been a vocal opponent to Chinese trade practices and has been wanting the U.S. to get tough. But he says President Donald Trump’s deal falls short of the problems that forced the U.S. into a trade war to begin with. He criticizes the “Phase One” agreement saying it does not prioritize workers.

“It looks to be, corporate trade agreement written for corporate interests in secret where corporate executives and corporate stockholders will benefit,” says Brown.

The deal, in part, is meant to crack down on intellectual theft and overly burdensome regulations on U.S. exports.

But Brown says it doesn’t do enough to hinder the practice of corporations moving U.S. companies to China.

“I think the Chinese understand that the president is at his weakest in negotiations in an election year. So I assume the Chinese will want to come back to the table and try to do something more,” Brown says.

Carole Daley, Lima


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