Letter: Are you kidding; roundabouts?

In regards to the multiple accidents that are occurring at the intersections of state Route 309 and Thayer Road, and state Route 81 and Thayer Road:

Since the Procter and Gamble Warehouse opened, truck and vehicle traffic has increased far more that these intersections were designed to handle.

I am now retired from the P&G Warehouse operation. While working I had to use those intersections going to and coming from work. Not counting the fatal accident at 309 and Thayer, and the fatal accidents at Thayer and 81, there was a constant flow of serious and minor accidents at both intersections. As usual the state delayed and delayed until they had to do something.

As a regular user of the Shawnee Roundabout, I do not think that a roundabout is the solution. These intersections need turn lanes and traffic lights and the speed limit on both roads should be lowered to no more than 4 mph on 309 from Mumau to past the Thayer Road Intersection; and 45 mph on state Route81 from Roush Road to past the Thayer Road intersection.

ODOT wants to put in roundabouts, but are they lowering the speed limits to slow down vehicles before they get to the Roundabouts? I would hate to come on a Roundabout at 55 to 60 miles per hour on a dark night or even 45 mph on a foggy night.

If the Roundabouts are installed, I suggest you secure a place to park near them and bring your lunch to watch the Demolition Derby as it happens live.

Kenneth E Harris, Lima


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