Letter: Our corrupt 2-party system

I like choices. The more the merrier. If I am driving to dealerships looking for a car, I want to see different types of vehicles and colors to choose from. Not just black or white. If I go to a retail store, I want choices between toasters, clothing, or food.

I believe we all like choices. Many times the criteria I use to choose products, services, or especially the place I go to shop is because I have so many choices at one versus the other.

Presidential elections are no different. The system has now become a corrupted two-party situation. We basically have two choices. It’s either black or white. Or maybe green or purple. No blue. No red. No four slice toasters… just two slice. No slacks… just shirts. I think you get my drift. No true negotiators. …just partisan politicians.

So here we are. We have two choices. We have an incumbent who is a divisive figure. No art of the deal here. There is no deal. It’s ” my way or the highway.” No doubt there are whispers within his party but what can they do? He’s an incumbent in a two-party system.

We used to have a multi-party democracy. Independents were at least allowed to participate in debates not so long ago. It has become to stringent. Our choices are too restricted. It may be the end of our democracy if changes aren’t made. But don’t get your hopes up. Money is king. And therein lies the problem.

Kelly Gossman, Ada


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