Letter: The kids are alright

On January 14th, The Lima News published a guest editorial by Elida resident Mark Figley entitled “Sexualization of American Culture.” The title is a bit misleading, since clearly what Figley was sounding the alarm about was what he sees as the homo-sexualization of American culture.

He begins with a complaint about the long-running PBS kids’ cartoon show “Arthur.” Figley writes this year’s opening episode featured Arthur’s third-grade teacher, Mr. Ratburn, marrying another man. This event, apparently, caused Mr. Figley to break into a cold sweat. He comments, “Although the cartoon children take the news in motion, most real life pre-school children are naturally shocked and confused.”

They are? I wonder how Figley knows this? Has he visited local pre-schools to interview children on their reaction to the episode? I’m guessing Figley is the one shocked and confused.

Figley goes on: “This is increasingly par for the course, as PBS has sought to sexualize kids on everything from ‘Sesame Street’ to the Muppets, compliments of U.S. taxpaying parents who never signed up to see marriage re-defined for their children.”

I’m guessing Figley is still upset about Bert and Ernie. And please don’t get him started on Spongebob and Patrick!

I’m joking here, but really it’s not funny. The fact is that approximately two million children in this country have an LGBTQ parent and at least 200,000 are being raised by same-sex couples. Imagine how reading Figley’s gay-bashing column might make those children feel about their parents and themselves.

It is surprising The Lima News was irresponsible enough to publish it.

Kelly Anspaugh, Ada


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