Letter: Let’s not destroy ourselves

Thank you for the Akron Beacon Journal editorial, “It’s past the time to put country first.” It is high time we think seriously about the erosion of our democratic process of governing, As Abraham Lincoln said long ago; “A house divided against itself cannot stand” is pause for we as a nation to observe what is happening to our two-party political system today.

For starters observe how an enterprising billionaire with no experience in governing comes on the scene with tweets about deporting Muslim immigrants, building a multi-billion dollar wall across the southern border, is outraged by the “chain migration” clause which allows entire families to slip into the country (never mind his present wife’s family was given the privilege of applying for citizenship in America) by the same method.

If that isn’t enough to make you wonder about President Trump’s leadership, think about his multiple deferments during the Vietnam War because of bone spurs and making sure his two sons do the same. Meanwhile spending billions of new dollars to upgrade our defenses thus making the top percent of billionaires even richer.

Now because of the impeachment hearings we learn President Trump hates foreign aid, complaining how other countries take advantage of our wealth because we are “suckers” when it comes to helping poor nations. It seems to me the richest country in the world certainly ought to share a piece of the tax pie with other aspiring nations.

Finally as the editorial opinion today indicates, we are headed for disaster if we cannot find ways to compromise this political battleground between Republican and Democrat, rich and poor, educated and simple, young and old in order to keep our democratic institutions alive. As one sage put it long ago; “No great nation is ever conquered until it has destroyed itself”.

Carl D. Liechty, Bluffton


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