Letter: Postal service in jeopardy

The United States Postal Service is in jeopardy. Since 2006, the postal service has been held back by a Congressionally mandated requirement to pre-fund its retirees’ healthcare benefits 70 years into the future—an obligation placed on virtually no other private or public-sector organization in America.

Essentially, this means the postal service faces an unfair disadvantage and loses money every year. The USPS would have recorded surpluses of nearly $4 billion in the last six years if not for the mandate.

On April 29, a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives called the USPS Fairness Act (or H.R. 2382). If passed, it would not increase the deficit whatsoever. The bill has 236 of the required 290 co-sponsors to bring this bill to a vote. If passed, H.R. 2382 would repeal this onerous pre-funding mandate and help return the postal service back to profitability. I want to encourage everyone to contact their Congressional representatives to let them know that they should co-sponsor this bill.

If we allow the pre-funding mandate to continue, critical services such as door-to-door and six-day delivery will likely end in Ohio and around the country. Please let your voice be heard in Washington D.C. so that we can maintain the mail service we know today.

Timothy Barker;

Vice President of The Ohio Rural Letter Carriers’ Association

New London, Ohio


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