Letter: Smell of gun powder on a Sunday afternoon

In his most recent letter in Your View, the good doctor states that all guns are made expressly to kill people.

I beg to differ.

About 50 years ago I purchased a 12-gauge shotgun from Winchester with a ventilated rib and a full choke. This gun is designed for trap shooting and has been used for many years to break clay birds at various gun clubs. Millions of shot shells are expended on any given Sunday with nothing getting killed except clay birds.

There are many other guns that are used for target practice, from the lowly 22 to the big boys. Only a very small percentage of the guns that are owned in this country will ever be used for killing a person.

Don’t denigrate all gun owners because of a few people who should not be gun owners. There are millions of us out here who just like the smell of gun powder on a Sunday afternoon.

Paul F. Janning, Wapakoneta


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