Letter: Trump should visit Ohio farmers

A recent article in The Lima News detailed President Trump’s upcoming visit to a manufacturing facility in Wapakoneta. While it’s good to see President Trump support local manufacturing, I hope someone asks him about Ohio’s agriculture industry and the disastrous impact of the EPA’s policies on farmers and biofuels.

Ohio’s farm families are already facing difficult times due to trade wars overseas and catastrophic weather events here at home. At the same time, the federal EPA is granting secret waivers to multi-billion dollar oil companies to no longer use ethanol in their gasoline. These waivers are causing family farm devastation and have destroyed at least 1 billion bushels of corn demand. That’s the equivalence of losing a market for all the corn produced in Ohio for over two years.

If President Trump really wants to know what Ohio voters are thinking, he’ll spend the time and talk to one of the thousands of farmers in the Lima-area suffering from the impact of his administration’s EPA policies on ethanol.

Rick Fox

President, Ohio Ethanol Producers Association



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