Letter: An armed society is a polite society

There is but one reason the 2nd Amendment is in the Bill of Rights, and contrary to what the good Dr. Anspaugh has to say about its history, the point is missed.

The very intent of the 2nd Amendment was to allow the people to protect themselves from our own government if it became over intrusive. Read the Preamble to the Declaration and it is very clear why the 2nd Amendment is there.

Out Founding Fathers would most definitely be astounded today. Reading the grievances listed in the Preamble one should realize that this government has become as bad if not worse than that of the king in the 1700’s. The truth of the matter is that the Founders wanted the population to be as well armed as the government, period.

“An armed society is a polite society”.

History is filled with nations that disarmed their people and then murdered them because they could not defend themselves.

Freedom of Speech is the 1st Amendment, the second is there to protect that very concept. It was second for a reason.

The misconception that guns were only meant to hunt with is revisionist history. No where is it stated that the 2nd Amendment was so people could hunt.

History repeats itself, always. And with more than 100 million deaths at the hands of governments throughout the world in the last century of people that had been disarmed and unable to defend themselves, do you want America to be a part of that history?

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings


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