Letter: Protecting you, protecting U.S.

This is in response to the recent announcement of some stores asking people not to open carry weapons in their stores.

Fact: Guns alone do not kill, people kill people.

As usual these facts will fall on deaf ears as they cannot or will not see the truth. I have been welcomed by a Walmart greeter that said, “Good for you! I wish that I could carry too.” I was approached by a senior citizen at a west-side store and was asked if I could follow them around the store as they only had a few things to buy and would feel safer. Yes I did follow them as they requested.

It is not the person walking around in the store with their weapons holstered to be afraid of. They keep it there for a reason. I agree, we have to do something to stop the killing of innocent people, but banning a citizen legally allowed to carry a weapon is not the answer.

Michael Blaine, Lima


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