Letter: Sharing road with cyclists

When I learned my adult daughter had a biking accident, I started asking a lot of questions.

First of all, was she OK? Yes, but with a few road rashes. But most of all …What Happened?”

She’s been riding for five years on these three- and four-hour hour rides and is quite an experienced triathlete. She was in Wapakoneta heading north towards state Route 501 when a car approached her on the left way too close and caused her to crash. The man driving that vehicle needs to know: While driving a vehilce and approaching a cyclist, you must leave at least three feet between you both.

PLease be very cautious of these cyclist. They have a right-of-way also!

A huge thank you to the gentleman at the Wapakoneta YMCA that loaned her his car to get her vehicle at home

and haul the bike, as it was disabled.

I’m so thankful she wasn’t hurt any worse!

Nancy Klausing, Lima


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