Letter: We can all do great things

Mother Teresa did great things for man! Gandhi did great things for man! Abraham Lincoln did great things for man! Muhammad did great things for man! Nelson Mandela did great things for man!

It is hard to see the end of this list.

And what about you? Do you:

• Smile at each person you see

• Offer a helping hand — to all

• Offer a soft shoulder to lean on — to all

• Try to always see (and share) the “positive”

• Laugh with people — only — never at people

• Care about “things”

• … ..

This list can go on and on. You can add to this list because you know how.

You may not be as famous as all the names listed above. However, your contribution to the condition of man will be as great as anything done by people with a famous name. Why? Because it came from you, and in “your world” you are the most important one!

What I have said here is true and I know it because it came from me and from “my world.” We each have our own world! Make yours the best of all.

George H Haver, Lima


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