Letter: Jordan soft on gun control

There are two things that garner 90% bipartisan support across all parts of Ohio: OSU football and universal background checks. That was before a gunman opened fire on a Saturday night out in Dayton’s Oregon District, 13 hours after a white nationalist opened fire in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

In the hours and days after the tragedies, Ohioans stood by the thousands demanding action. One of the defining moments was Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine being silenced by sustained shouts of “Do something.” The era of “thoughts and prayers” is over. The anger and emotion ringing out still echoes across our state forcing change. Gov. DeWine and a bipartisan group of legislators are moving toward some common sense reforms including universal background checks (SB 183) and a red‐flag law (SB 184). These must be enacted.

While some leaders are following the overwhelming majority of Ohioans toward reform, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan is protecting the gun manufactures. The week after El Paso and Dayton, he and fellow Republican Rep Thomas Massie (R‐KY) released an op‐ed arguing against any reforms and spewing NRA talking points for all they are worth (and they are worth $1,000s to Jordan’s campaign coffers). They falsely claimed, “[t]here’s not a single mass public shooting that would have been prevented by universal background checks.” This is a watershed moment for leaders in Columbus and Washington, you can do your job representing the people or you will be replaced with leaders who will lead to a safer Ohio.

I am a candidate for the Democratic nomination to run against Jim Jordan.

Shannon Freshour, Marysville


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