Letter: Have the spine to do right thing

One wonders from what hole people crawl out of to join the modern century! (“Don’t tell me”…. Aug. 13, Your View letter)

Our Founding Fathers would be astounded to learn that in the United States today we have citizens toting AR-15 and AK-47 weapons on public streets. The 2nd Amendment was devised in order that 16th century settlers could hunt game for food and have a muzzle-loading rifle for protection only.

Those wise men of 1789 had no idea the 2nd Amendment would allow ordinary Americans to own deadly firearms for personal use in urban cities today. The rest of the world is appalled that this peaceful nation would allow such nonsense to happen. Where are our politicians when it comes to common-sense legislation prohibiting this kind of war-arsenal to be lawful in United Sates of 2019?

Most Americans are grieved over the senseless killings that happen day by day in this nation because we have more than 30 million guns floating around and behind closed doors to be used for suicides, mass murder and countless tragedies in schools and work places when deranged people become violent.

Finally, what will it take for our leaders to overcome the powerful gun lobbyists and get enough “spine” to do the right thing which is pass proper gun legislation appropriate for the modern age? Wake up America!

Carl D. Liechty, Bluffton


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