Letter: Trucks should pay more tax

Yes, Thomas Balzar, CEO of The Ohio Trucking Association, we certainly do require improvement to our transportation system of roads and bridges. But to be honest for a moment, the deduction of this fuel tax would only benefit the transportation industry and not the owners of fuel-consuming private vehicles as far as the federal income tax is concerned.

The fuel tax for the trucking industry, although not individually itemized, is considered in the business mile deduction driven by the commercial vehicle as far as the federal income tax is concerned. No such benefit is realized by the individual auto owner.

It has been said, if only the auto used our roads, they would last forever, thus more destruction is caused by the heavier vehicle, primarily, the semi. What about the electric car, I do believe it has weight and occupies our roadways, and yet, it would not be fairly taxed.

Yes, Governor DeWine and Mr. Balzer, please give this matter additional thought as far as fairness to the citizens of Ohio.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta


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