Letter: My child’s dead, yet they live

On Jan. 3, 2002, Leqneshia Williams was executed mercilessly in a robbery for drugs and money. Executioners were Cleveland Jackson and Jeronique Cunningham.

It is now 2019 and the judicial system has granted numerous delays for different appeals and legal technicalities, citing that they have to allow the convicted murderers their constitutional rights.

What about the right for Leneshia and her family members to receive justice? What about the six survivors of that heinous event? Now once again an Ohio governor — this time newly elected Mike DeWine — is postponing the execution of one of the convicted murderers, saying the current drugs used in the state’s lethal injection are inhuman. Would a normal human being knowingly kill a 3-year-old and shoot numerous teens with the specific intent to kill, murder, execute?

In 2015 the issue of the drugs was used as a delay tactic. Why wasn’t this rectified then?

Why are the convicted killers continuously granted a reprieve from death when they set out to execute eight people? No one informed us of this latest delay. I just happened to watch the news that day. How can we heal if the scab is being continuously ripped off? When, if ever, will they receive their death sentence? They still eat live and breathe. Growing old. My Leneshia is never going to be 18, 21, or 34 years old. She never got the chance to grow up, let alone grow old.

Where is the justice in that?

Vicki Williams, Lima


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