Letter: Auglaize judges oppose Issue 1

State Issue 1 would have terrible consequences.

It puts armed robbers, burglars, major drug traffickers and other criminals out on the streets 25 percent sooner. It allows drug addicts to legally have weapons. It allows all criminals to ignore probation including treatment and walk away with no possible prison time.

Addicts who cannot go to jail or prison will continue to use due to the nature of the disease.

When domestic violence victims seek offender treatment rather than prison, root causes of abuse are addressed while offenders work and support family. But Issue 1 allows repeat offenders to ignore probation without fear of prison. Victims may be unwilling to report abuse, because the choice will become prison or basically nothing.

It makes all possession of drugs, even deadly amounts Fentanyl that could kill thousands, misdemeanors and not jailable. Drug traffickers will bring drugs into Ohio to avoid felonies in other states.

It will actually increase costs by tens of millions of dollars, and local governments will pay much more according to Ohio’s Office of Budget and Management.

Out-of-state billionaires permanently changing our Ohio Constitution with over $10 million of misleading ads? Ohio should not follow California whose constitution has been amended over 480 times.

Drug treatment is NOT a political issue. Many mental health professionals, Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, Prosecutors, Defense attorneys and the Ohio State Bar Association are urging a NO vote.

Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor and judges across the state are opposing State Issue 1 in a non-partisan way.

This is NOT about politics. It is about saving lives, protecting our families, preserving our Ohio Constitution, and doing what is right.

Help protect our families and communities by keeping violent offenders off the streets.

Help families get help for their loved ones to avoid violence, overdoses and death.

Please….Vote NO on State Issue 1.

Judge Frederick D. Pepple, Judge Mark E. Spees, Judge Andrew Augsburger

Auglaize County Common Pleas and Municipal Courts

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