Rev. Ron Fails: City only tells part of story

In regards to the July 22 story in The Lima News — “NAACP claims not so black and white” — there are certain events that the city has not answered relating to Philip Williamson, John Allen, and Pastor Joiner.

• Williamson terminated for unsafe use of a wheel barrel. Joiner experience retaliation by supervisor’s son (white man) who drops a ton shovel inches away from him that could have resulted in death. Reply when reported: guys sometimes play on the job. The white employee bearing a smile on his face during the act, remains employed to date.

• Allen received the highest score on the civil service test.

• Allen told after employed he weighed too much to operate a truck which was known by the city when he was hired. Blatant discrimination.

• City didn’t offer Allen a weight loss program or compensation for such a program.

• Allen went to a counselor for his addiction created by the city’s demand for him to lose weight.

• Allen’s addiction didn’t affect his job performance.

• Allen received a lack of support from the union steward during separation proceedings.

• Union steward’s son hired to replace Allen.

In the case (1993) DePalma v. City of Lima, Ohio and David Berger, firefighter Robinson was given numerous opportunities to combat his addiction to crack cocaine while employed by the city. DePalma was treated differently for his cocaine/heroin addiction, resulted in termination. DePalma was eventually reinstated. This reveals a history of rules for some and guidelines for others.

The city publicly acknowledged its awareness of racial slurs without termination noted. It maintains a policy for supervisors to give direct supervision over their relatives. This creates bias and an unfair work environment which can become hostile as evident in the public works department that is ignored by nepotism.

Rev. Ron Fails, president of the Lima unit of the NAACP

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