Letter: ‘Right to work laws’ defy common sense

You want to play a round of golf? Pay at the clubhouse. You want to go to a bar that has a live band? Pay the cover charge. Are you a business owner who wants to reap the benefits the Chamber of Commerce has to offer? Pay your dues.

Do you see a pattern here? There is no such thing as a free lunch, unless you are a Republican state representative. Any state with “right to work” laws had them implemented by Republican elected officials, but there are no extra “rights” or no extra “work.”

“Right to work” laws allow people to work and be represented through a union without paying union dues. There is no upside for workers, union or non-union. Wages, working conditions and safety decline across the board.

Considering all this — and applying basic common sense — the concept of “right to work” eludes me. The main sticking point, union dues, may go to a political candidate they don’t support. But then rank-and-file union members sometimes vote against their own interests.

Political donation money pales in comparison to apprenticeship contributions. The United Association of Plumbers/Pipefitters and Service Technicians Local Union 776 Lima will spend $800,000 this year on apprenticeship as well as journeymen training.

Skilled workers are vital to any industry. Why should anyone reap the benefits without contributing, whether it to unions or businesses? Please call or write your state representative and voice your opposition to this legislation.

Pat Clark



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