Letter: Jordan should resign for not doing his job

I read Mr. Hunt’s article, “Freedom Caucus in spotlight,” appearing on the editorial page Jan. 17.

He is correct in his statements of our representative, Jim Jordan. He has needlessly hooked on to self-made conspiracy theories by various governmental institutions, all without consequence. It is such a waste of taxpayer’s monies.

He may consider himself a watchdog of the government, but he has been consistently, unapologetically wrong. Now he’s calling for the attorney general to resign because he is not doing his job.

It is exactly what I say about Mr. Jordan. You should resign because you are not doing your job, and you have definitely done nothing for those who reside in the 4th Congressional District.

It’s a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. John Boehner was correct; Mr. Jordan is a legislative terrorist. Mr. Jordan is an embarrassment as our representative.

Jeffrey G. Williams



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