Letter: Great weekend for pickleball

If you had not heard there was a special event this past weekend at Westwood Tennis Center on Elm Street in Lima. Through the efforts of many, primarily Tyler Hunt, his wife Chelsea, Tyler’s brother Tanner and his wife Haley, there was a Pickleball tournament, that’s right Pickleball tournament. For two days over 120 people participated from all over the State as well as Indiana and Michigan. Participants, stayed overnight, using our hotels and restaurants. Myself and my wife Teresa had the privilege of being beat by a couple ( Kurt and Tonnie ) from Middletown where they drive all over the country playing pickleball.

Tyler and his family have developed a great pickleball foundation in the Lima region. Through so many unselfish acts of organizing, getting sponsors, putting on clinics and tournaments there is a strong Pickleball community in our county and surrounding counties. It was great to pull into the parking lot of Westwood Tennis Center on Saturday morning to see overflow parking and so many people. New people. Thanks to the Hunt family and their efforts. They have made a difference.

Tim Stolly, Lima


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