Letter: Showing up is important

When you get a job, you need to show up. When someone throws a birthday party and you are the guest of honor, it is best if you show up. Sometimes, you get an opportunity to show up and affect the whole city, state or the nation. That happens when you show up to vote.

Is voting an honor, obligation or a privilege? It does not matter what you call it because it only works if you do it.

All the people running for positions of importance cannot win and the school levies and state issues cannot pass unless you show up. Unfortunately, they all can lose if you don’t show up. Take the time and support your choice.

Be an American and go vote. Your choice will count and your vote is important. There is a man in Lima that lost by one vote. Don’t let that happen to your candidate!

Show up – VOTE!

Phyllis Conley, Lima


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