Letter: Cheney ad is poisonous

Scare me. Scare you. Bash our City. Bash the work of our Lima Police Department. And please, please scare the bejesus out of me by painting an absolutely apocalyptic picture of our hometown with so-called out of control crime and devastated neighborhoods.

The “scare me” ad that Keith Cheney is running in his bid to be mayor is poisonous to our City. We are a good community; yet, the laundry list of misinformation spewed by Cheney in his ad does nothing but beat us down, steal our pride and make us fearful when there is nothing to fear. His alternative facts are not only misleading, but also many are false. Either Cheney thinks we are complete idiots who are oblivious to the good life we live in this much improved city or he truly believe this city is crap.

I, for one, am tired of Cheney promising something, not sure what yet, on the back of rhetoric that only works to tear us down. Is that how you talk about your community if you really care?

Cheney said in a television commercial that he “was standing on the sidelines for 28 years watching his community deteriorate.” If you really care about your community, do you stand on the sidelines? No, you roll up your sleeves and get to work trying to be part of the solution. I would say that Cheney and his negative rhetoric are a problem in Lima with no solutions, or vision or plan in sight.

I support Mayor Berger, a positive leader who works tirelessly for this community.

Leslie Rigali, Lima


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