Letter: Neeper has desire to serve

As a resident and business owner in the City of Lima and Allen County, I highly recommend Jon Neeper for Lima City Council’s 7th Ward.

Jon is a man of clear and open communication who believes in our community. Even before Jon decided to run for office, he engaged his neighbors in meaningful conversation to learn where they stand on city issues. Jon is a great listener and is not afraid to back up his beliefs, and desire to serve, with the absolute commitment of his time and effort.

Jon understands how to work for voters, and with vision, make important decisions that will improve our community. Through his volunteerism and employment at Chiles-Laman Funeral Home, Jon has exhibited a remarkable ability to work with a wide variety of people and personalities while maintaining a strong sense of compassion, level-headedness and sound judgement.

My hope is that this election will set us on a path of optimism and progress. We have a great community, but like most, we have issues that need the very best efforts of our citizens and elected officials to solve, including a productive City Council.

I appreciate Jon’s willingness to serve, and believe he will add great value to Lima City Council.

Andy Wannemacher, Lima



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