Letter: Berger has saved jobs

As the President of the Lima-Troy UAW CAP Council, it bestows on me the responsibility of working with our members to address the needs and issues in our communities. I do not take that responsibility lightly. I am following in the footsteps of the past President, John Paradore.

Our member LocaI1219 has erected hundreds of ramps for the disabled people in our area. We worked in the past with schools in our Earth Day Essay contest. We have participated in Relay for Life, United Way drives, March of Dimes, Salvation Army and many other charitable organizations. We have made monetary contributions to different entities to improve our community.

We are proud of our heritage and participation in programs and events that enhance and make our community strong. Some members donate time on different local events and willingly give up their time to set on Boards in our community.

Just a few years back, our organization and other local unions in the area addressed the issues of poverty and needs within our community. We brought together religious leaders, elected officials, non-profit organizations and union leaders in forums responding to making our community stronger and healthier.

The Council is also given the responsibility of endorsing candidates that are running for office. The values that drive us to making our community better are the measuring stone for who we may choose to endorse. The endorsement reflects the core values of making the community a better place to live for all its residents.

Mayor Berger has demonstrated those community values in working to save jobs and working tirelessly to improve our community. Mayor Berger has received our endorsement.

Deanna Bowersock, President, Lima-Troy UAW CAP Council


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