Letter: Enough’s enough: No to RTA tax

The RTA is an example of government expanding its cradle to grave services which includes food, medical care, housing, counseling, clothes, public service announcements….the list goes on.

Already the national debt is in the trillions of dollars. At some point the taxpayer has to say no more. It is not the government’s job to provide all our needs and that includes transportation.

One could talk about the RTA’s large office and maintenance building and over-sized buses that have few riders. But the larger point is that government needs to be downsized. Government grows as we provide money. The Lima News made a good point that the RTA has no specific current needs for all the proposed funding…except for growth.

The RTA sales tax increase is a place where the tax payer has a direct voice. I ask that voters say no to this tax increase and all others. And let’s elect representatives like Jim Jordan who will work for smaller government.

Jim Crook, Elida


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