Letter: Mayoral view of former councilman

I recently read a letter in The Lima News scolding Mayor David Berger by saying, “You haven’t done anything for this town.” I am really wondering just where this individual has been.

When I “look around” I see so many improvements that Mayor Berger and his administration have made. I see a city that has moved forward under Mayor Berger’s leadership, using the experience that he has gained over the past many years to bring about so many positive changes.

I see new elementary and high schools that he championed as mayor , and well maintained parks along with new park facilities ( Stadium Park). I see so many city streets that have been repaved and improved.

Many cities in Ohio would love to have Berger’s watchful eye on where our taxpayers dollars are spent. Any Lima resident has to be aware of the jobs/employment issues that Mayor Berger has either saved or brought about here in Lima area. Jobs, over the years, have been his major concern and effort, whether it be about JSMC, P&G, Ford, Husky, expansions at Lima Memorial Health and St Rita’s ( Mercy ) Health, or small businesses in the Lima uptown areas.

I see a Mayor who has gone “to the wall” in securing federal and state monies for many of the improvements that he has pushed for in Lima. It is this kind of experience that is sometimes not seen , but so important when it comes to funding city projects from safety services to water and utility issues to neighborhood/housing issues.

Please join me in keeping David Berger as mayor of Lima.

Bill Moore, Lima

1st Ward Councilor, 1998-2005.



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