Letter: Be part of the solution in Lima

Lima is faced with finding solutions to new challenges and old problems.

Our group — The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice — is dedicated to achieving equal justice for all through ongoing conversations and community involvement. Our members consists of business leaders, college students, city officials, judges, law enforcement officials, prison administrators and correctional officers, school teachers, social services workers and members of the faith-based community.

We are asking for community support. Please join us at 6 p.m. Monday at Westgate Lanes to discuss our community justice agenda. Let us see what goals we can accomplish in one year.

Using research and data, we want to develop realistic and cost-effective opportunities for all citizens of Lima. We seek to provide ongoing support to our local schools, to assist with opiate and mental health issues, and to help develop a work force that will provide economic stability.

There is work to be done, especially in regards to the needs, concerns and contributions of African-Americans and other minorities in this city. I have witnessed the people in Lima stepping up to support changes, cultural diversity and unity in the city. We must continue to opening doors and discuss community justice. We cannot allow the scales of justice to be devalued in our homes and community.

I also want to urge all of you to vote. Consider where Lima was and how far Lima has come.

I thank Mayor Berger for his ongoing support of the NABCJ Organization, community justice and this beautiful city. I wish Mayor Berger and Mr. Chaney the best on Election Day.

Phillip L. Morton, NABCJ Lima Affiliate Chair


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