Letter: Cheney a change for the better

On Tuesday Lima voters have the opportunity to elect a mayor who will steer the city in a better, safer and more prosperous direction and the candidate who will accomplish all of that is Keith Cheney.

I’ve known Keith Cheney for over 25 years. There are many reasons I believe Keith Cheney would be an excellent Mayor for Lima, but I will address just one - commitment. Keith Cheney is a leader who will give 100% to Lima. Keith Cheney is not a talker. Keith Cheney is a doer. Over the years I have observed Keith Cheney work tirelessly at everything to which he is committed. Keith Cheney is committed to a Better Lima for All.

During his closing statement at the Oct. 4 debate, the current Mayor said Mr. Cheney should have been on the front lines when the then governor announced the closure of Lima Correctional Institute and Keith Cheney responded, “I was.” At that time, my husband, John Willamowski, was the State Representative and he and Keith Cheney both attended and both spoke against Gov. Taft’s actions at the rally for LCI at Memorial Hall. Rather than suggesting that my husband turn his back on the community, Keith Cheney committed to and fought beside him and supported fully our community’s fight to save the jobs on which so many families in Lima depended. For positive change – Vote Keith Cheney for Mayor.

Mona Willamowski, Lima



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