Letter: Don’t be foolish: RTA cash grab

Once again failed government entities feel the need to place their financial burdens on the backs of the taxpayers, but this one comes with a bonus.

This tax burden will offer “bonus” money in excess of $2 million dollars and the RTA still has not clarified where this “bonus” money will be used. Trust us, they said. We will spend your money wisely, they said.

Sound familiar?

I see buses “burning” money on a daily basis, running around empty or with one or two riders utilizing the service. Perhaps it is time to cut some routes and yes, raise the fares to ride. With nearly 400,000 riders, a $2 bump will generate $800,000 in revenue.

There are alternatives to those who will lose service if routes are cut. Lima has taxi service available and Lyft is an option as well. We taxpayers are on “fixed” income as well and we don’t have deep pockets. We also have to “live within our means” and it’s time government entities do the same.

As for the $2 million dollar “bonus money,” please tell…. Don’t give us vague responses. Be specific on where you intend to spend the money. It’s been awhile since the people at the RTA have had pay increases and with all that extra dough floating around, it could get mighty tempting. Stay out of the taxpayer’s pockets.

Jeff Davis, Lima


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