Letter: Choice between a builder or a destroyer

The news stories of the last month concerning the Lima mayoral campaign have been informative. One candidate has based his campaign on degrading Lima and its citizens. The other candidate has based his campaign on affirming Lima.

Stories in the Lima News illustrate this point. Mr. Cheney used the demolition of a house (Oct. 13) to promote his campaign. Destruction seems to be a theme of his campaign. Mr. Cheney is constantly tearing down Lima and its citizens. The next day there was another news story (October 14) of Mayor Berger and his role in helping to revitalize the National Bank Building. Revitalization seems to be a theme of Mayor Berger’s campaign.

Recently, under the leadership of Mayor Berger two companies located in the city of Lima (Reclaim and Dester). These two companies are bringing 300 new jobs into the city of Lima. Mr. Cheney was chief operating officer of Certified Oil. There are no Certified Oil Stations in the city of Lima.

Mayor Berger has worked to bring the housing stock of the city to an increased level of livability. Mr. Cheney opposes these efforts to improve the housing stock.

It all comes down to a simple proposition: Keith Cheney has based his campaign on denigrating the citizens of Lima. Mayor Berger has based his administration and campaign on investing in the citizens of Lima. For example he has obtained $280 million in federal and state aid to improve our infrastructure. Do you want a destroyer as mayor or a builder as mayor? David Berger is a builder.

Virgil Mann, Lima


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