Letter: Todd Gordon the right choice

When I think of integrity, Todd Gordon comes to mind. He lives in the city, he works in the city and his grandchildren attend city schools. He knows what this city and the 1st Ward needs.

I’ve known Todd personally and professionally for 20 plus years. He is an honest, hard-working, family man. Family and people are important to Todd. He values helping others and considers himself blessed to be available to the 1st Ward residents. By now, all of these people have his contact information and can feel comfortable to call him whenever they have concerns.

Todd is not in this race for himself. His goals are for the 1st Ward. He desires to have the entire ward dressed in nice streets, curbs and sidewalks. He wants his people safe which is why he will do all he can to ensure that the police and firefighters are fully funded and staffed. We are totally confident that Todd has the spirit and experience to meet the needs of his ward. A vote for Todd Gordon is one that will guarantee improvements.

Steve and Pat Webb, Lima

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