Letter: Keep your pets under control

I was walking my dog on the sidewalk when we approached a person standing outside on the sidewalk with his dog. When he saw us coming, he stepped over onto the grassy area of his lawn.

As we walked by, my dog started to bark. I tightened up on my dog’s leash and gave him no slack. The other dog lunged at my dog on the sidewalk and bit him. Not only did he bite him, he clenched down on him and would not let go. My dog began yelping as he was helplessly in the jaws of this other dog. At this point, I got down on the ground and grabbed hold of my dog while attempting to free him from the jaws of this much larger dog. Needless to say, I ended up at the ER vet clinic and my dog received nine staples to close a wound.

The next day I provided a copy of the vet bill to the owners of the large dog, who told me my dog initiated the incident and therefore, they would only pay for half.

I took this to court and a judge ruled in my favor. Unfortunately, the owners of the large dog chose to have their dog destroyed. The judge never ruled for this to be done. There were other options. That poor dog fell victim because his owner was unable to control him.

Thomas Holbrook, Lima

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