Letter: Berger is the man with a plan

Nothing but promises! I attended the debate held at St. Luke’s Church on Sept. 13. It was an interesting debate and I’ve seen many before.

To get right to it, we were treated to two stories. One candidate gave us facts, figures, history and a plan for the future.

The other candidate gave us “promises” and more of the same.

This man is running for the wrong office! Instead of saving the city, he could save the world. It reminded me of the man in Washington — “everything will be great – believe me”!

This man will eliminate crime (he said so), he will eliminate the drug problem (he said so), he will eliminate the street drug gangs (he said so), he will eliminate the lack of jobs (he said so), he will eliminate the bad “housing” problem (he said so) and so much more.

I felt that I was witnessing the “Second Coming”.

There is only one major problem — he never did really say “how” he would do all of this. The only thing he did not promise was to build a wall in Lima. I wonder why.

The other candidate gave a reasoned and thoughtful presentation of the state of Lima and a vision for our future.

His history as our leader is legendary. We still have the tank plant and Ford Motor and the refinery and they all are doing well for us.

Vote for the man with a plan for success. Vote for Mayor David Berger and please do go vote.

Jerry Felter, Lima

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