Letter: Where’s the compassion?

The man who can bottle compassion is a cinch to get rich quickly. He might top the $99 price for a case of bottled water when he sells his product at natural disasters. Is the cost of mercy going up, too? What’s a sandwich going for in Houston?

The banks won’t cry. With a bevy of free marketers to cheer them on, they will engorge on federal money and private donations — and bottled water profits. Maybe right-wingers will spew resentment at the flow of Washington’s largesse into Texas, but they’ll get over it soon enough, after the obligatory rant over welfare and the funding of the hungry.

Sometimes you can’t get far enough “left,” away from the stink of the sanctimonious drivel of the heirs of Westbrook Pegler.

Is “Governments…deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” a typo? Does this mean that the people (the governed) are forbidden to approve (consensually) of federal aid to American victims of catastrophe? You don’t hear them whining.

Can’t libertarians read?

Will you see your Master one day, and he’ll say, “I was thirsty, and you gave me cant (sic)?”

Noe Serna, Lima

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