Letter: Poor choice by The Lima News

I am writing to express my disappointment in The Lima News publishing Cal Thomas’ editorial piece, “Pardoning Sheriff Arpaio.” In the article, Mr. Thomas exonerates President Trump for his pardoning of a Joe Arpaio, who defied a federal judge’s order to cease his border patrol from racially profiling its detainees on the Mexico/U.S border.

My disappointment in The Lima News is not derived from my disagreement with Mr. Thomas, rather, it is derived from the lack of credible argument in his article. The logic of saying “Sure, I’m horrible, but this guy is worse” is lacking in thought and development. The argument presents itself as an ignorant man who is expecting his readers to not be intelligent enough to see through his ignorance. I believe that the citizens of Lima deserve better, and are able to see through such thinly-veiled ignorance. I encourage the editorial staff at The Lima News to consider their editorial pieces more carefully, and to presume competence and intelligence in their readers.

Miles Woodfield, Beaverdam


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