Interesting letter by Mr. Donaldson, who believes in a Democratic system of government but does not believe in an individual’s right to select whether or not they want to join an organization. It is my belief that the right to cast preference in selection of political party is paramount to the very core of our society, and that no one should have the audacity of demanding that individuals follow like sheep to the slaughter or lemmings to the sea.

Why would a Union donate millions of dollars to a particular party that 50 to 60 percent of its members reject? This money comes from the dues of the worker, and yet, they have no say as to where their money is spent?

What company would fire a great worker who sometimes has to carry a non-performing person. Yet all workers in that profession receive the same pay. Great work requires compensation but slovenous does not.

Is it any wonder that unions want $15 minimum wage. They demand 2½ hours wage as dues payment, which would amount to $37.50 from each per month. If they unionize a million workers, that would amount to $37.5 million every month, which could be spent on anything they wished and any political party of their choice. Do we wonder which that would be?

So, Larry, I’m not promoting nor condemning, certainly not slandering all companies as you have a tendency to do. So many companies treat their employees with the dignity that they deserve and are to be commended. But to force an individual to do something he or she believes is against their mores is paramount to tyranny.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta


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