Letter: Dog’s death was easily avoidable

People, their children and their dogs need to respect another dog’s space. Maybe your dog is friendly, but there’s may not be. Maybe their dog doesn’t want interaction for some reason.

Don’t let your dog be on another’s rear; don’t let them wander in another’s face. Always ask before interaction. It’s happened to me waiting on photos at animal fundraisers and practicing for competition in public places.

My dog played with a large dog everyday in daycare. When they were not in daycare together any longer due to a different job, they still played on occasion. This dog’s owners loved him, took him to daycare, classes, spent time exercising him and provided proper health care. He was only 5 and full of life when he died yesterday due to someone’s lack of respecting space. He was in his yard, on a line and with his owner. Someone allowed their small dog to go in the yard in his face and growl at him. The small dog was bit.

Though not responsible in my opinion and other people in the dog business, the owners of the dog in its yard offered to pay half the vet bill. They received a court notice for the rest. The man and small dog were not found to have any fault. The dog in it’s own yard was required to have insurance and the owners were told if it happened again they could loose everything. This scared them so they made a vet appointment for a sentence the dog did not deserve over a incident that could have been avoided.

Lisa Mason, Lima

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