Letter: Dan King 10th Memorial Poker Run touches the lives of veterans

Angels for Veterans is a nonprofit 501c3 organization whose focus is service and companion dogs for veterans. Service dogs provide assistance to veterans with disabilities such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Mobility, hearing assistance, and visually impaired. Companion dogs do not have full public access. They are just as the name implies, companions-nice obedience trained dogs for veterans who need the company of a loving, tail wagging best friend.

Angels for Veterans raises funds to provide the dogs and pays the costs of training. The dogs are quite costly and the funds are always a challenge to raise.

July 15, 2017, was the 10th Annual Dan King Memorial Poker Run. The annual event was held at Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub located on Harding Highway in Lima. The event hosts a motorcycle Poker Run, Corn Hole Tournament, Karaoke, hog roast, and auctions. Family, friends and community gather each year to honor the life and memory of a beloved young man who was killed 10 years ago. The King family makes a choice to make good out of a heart-breaking loss. They choose to give to the community and to help provide for the needs of others. This is a tribute and a reflection of the nature of their son, Dan, clearly demonstrating a bright light out of the darkness.

Angels for Veterans Angel Paws is one of the charities this year witnessing that light. The act of kindness and generosity will benefit the life of a veteran. Dan King will bring light to the journey of a special veteran.

Sandra Bohle, founder Angels for Veterans

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